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Cable NYY 0.6 (1kV)
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Cable NYY 0.6 (1kV)

Types of electrical wiring are commonly used as energy supplies on static installations, inside the home, outdoors, underground, concrete and water where mechanical damage can not be expected. Use of NYY cable in accordance with VDE 0298 part 1. The current capacity corresponds to HD 603 S.1 and VDE 0276 part 1000. This product complies with EEC 73/23 (Low Voltage Directive) directive.

Cable Technical Information 0.6 (1kV)

Conductor: Plain copper to IEC 60228 class 1 or 2
Isolation: PVC
Bedding: PVC
Sheath: PVC sheath, black
Cores: Color code to VDE0293
Voltage Rating: 0.6 / 1kV
Radiation Bending for Single Core: Minimum: 15 x Ø
Radiation Bending for Multi Core: Minimum: 12 x Ø

O = no earth
J = green / yellow earth

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