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Bare Conductor
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Bare Conductor

The cable supplier must have a product called bare conductor. Electrical insulated electrical conductors are generally made of aluminum (either plain or reinforced with steel, or composite materials such as carbon and glass fibers), although some copper cables are used in medium and low voltage distribution of voltage connections to the customer premises. Often used in the introduction of a reduction in the installation of lightning rod / conventional type. This is because using this type of cable with a 50 mm cross section is more economical and also meets the minimum standard of the declining installation.

Properties of Bare Conductor Must Be Fulfilled
- Chemical composition
- Tensile strength (tensile strength) and tensile strength (elongation)
- Nature of bending
- Permitted diameters and variations.
- The surface condition of the wire should be free of defects, and others

To get a bare conductor that meets the above properties, be sure to get it from a reputable cabler supplier.

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